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Ultra Suction

Having loose dentures is no fun, embarrassing and can limit your social life.  There is a solution Ultra Suction.

How does Ultra Suction work?

A special profiled space is created in the inner side of your denture (suction chamber).
Two tiny Ultra Suction™ valves are then inserted into your denture, one each side.
When you wear your denture and bite firmly, the air trapped between your gum and the denture is expelled through the valves. The result: a better fit to the gum and a more stable denture, giving you a firm and secure feeling.
To remove your denture, you simply lift it up.
Ultra Suction™ can be fitted by your Dental technician  on either your existing dentures, or at the same time as the making of your new set of dentures.

If you would like to know more please visit Ultra Suctions' website (please click here) or give us a call 09 377 4054 or 0800 755 055 for a free consultation appointment to find out if Ultra Suction is right for you.
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What our customers say

quote_grey.png Recently I had an upper set of dentures made by your technician. The quality of service I received was second to none. My personal technician Des made the whole process informative,comfortable and completely stress free. I was impressed with Des's professional and confident manner. At all times I felt at ease. Des is a perfectionist and the high quality of his work is evident in the finished product and fit. I no longer have my mustache covering my missing teeth and now smile with confidence.
Yours faithfully, Peter

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